Künstler : Queensberry
Song Titel : No Smoke
Album :

You said you love me
Is that a matter of fact, fact, fact, fact…
I guess I felt for him
Always believed in him
I let my heart rule my head
You really got to me
Your sensuality
What pleasure am I only need
You thought you pulled a little lacy
Everything that I mind
I was spelled by hypnotize
Why don’t you patronize


You said you love me
I was so blind
You had my world spinning round and round
You said you need me
Is that a matter of fact
While everybody’s talking behind my back
You said I was your heart and soul-desire
There ain’t no smoke
Without fire

The major cated guess
Tells me you’re fading less
Like to your tears
But you’re asking bad
You got no dignity
You’re way no good for me
So save your soul
And get up your knees


Ohhh… you said you love me
Yeahhh… I was so blind
There ain’t no smoke without fire
You pulled the world out a little lacy
I was spelled by hypnotize

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